Spiritual Flowers Of Life Blessings


Spiritual flowers of life blessings we do ever Full Moon & New Moon

Our blessings are from you a deceased or living spirit you wish to send a blessing too. The process is outlined below - 

You choose any colour flower as shown in the flower photo on the left. You also send us your name and the persons name of which you want to receive the blessing, and your wishes for the blessing. 


We then put this in a special envelope for the blessing and light the blessing flower whilst performing the blessing for you at the buddhist shrine here at our healing centre. 

From afar we will pick out your chosen flower colour and perform the blessing ritual. 

During the blessing we organise the soul spirit to meditate with me as I connect with them. Then we will perform you blessing and each wish for their life now or next life passage. 

We will guide them to the next beautiful life in this lifetime or other lifetime depending on your request. 

There are 5 colours to choose from Red, Silver, Gold, Ivory & Pink. 

Each blessing is £20 and we can do as many as you wish. 

To order your blessing please complete the order form below, once we receive we will email your message we will contact you and set the date and time for the blessing which will be on a full moon or new moon date.



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