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Quantum Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Meditation to teach you how to read the energy lines, to clean the negative energy (bad air) and to learn how to breath through the secret air. To enable peacefulness from within your subconscious mind. 


Hi my name is Bam, I am from the future 2029. I'm here to move humanity to the Planet X. My job is to help humans from 3D to 4D to 5D. To change the human 3D subconscious memory box to the fifth dimension. Here we are in 2020, looking since the year 2000 the planet has adopted wifi, 3G, 4G & now 5G, because of this

the human subconscious is being blocked from on a progressively worsening scale. The human subconscious is being blocked from the magnetic field of our solar system, and humans are struggling to think outside the box. 

The great news is humans have already double DNA but most of us aren't aware of this yet, some are awakened and others are still sleeping. 

I am here to teach humanity to learn how to breath the secret peaceful air, and to teach how to put the new positive programming in to the 5D subconscious memory box. 

We are now living in the titanium magnetic year, if you feel or see something weird or strange around you, I confirm you are not crazy - you are awakening and trust yourself it is true. 

11 11 The Pluto door has opened from underworld, our world, above world called 3D, 4D, 5D, In order to move our soul to the 5th dimension the higher self. 

We can help you with the following - 

  • Anxiety 

  • Stress

  • Confusion

  • Frustrations

  • Loneliness

  • Fear

  • Anger

  • Doubt

  • Impatience

  • Over Thinking

  • Obsession

  • Hot Flushes

F - Find Peace

I  - Inner Self

V - Victim

E - Emotional

D - Drama

I  - Inspiration

M- Manner

E - Ego

N - Negative

S - Surrender

I  - In

O - Own

N - New

S - Soul

Book now on Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat or Sun at 9am 

Unlock Spiritual Control Systems £20 per 30mins session - Opening promo 20/02/2020


Sam Ramzy:I've been with my wife today to the Healing Center Windsor. What an experience, Absolutely love your shop and the energy of it❤✨thanks for being so kind and helpful 🙏

Sam Ramzy

I was recommended by a friend to visit the Windsor healing centre and I’m glad I did. 
Bam is an extraordinary multidimensional healer of unlimited loving compassion who has willingly offered me such heartfelt guidance and support.
She gently helped me identify and follow the unseen pathways needed to further soul connection and life journey. 

I leave filled with light and vibrance. I always feel safe, secure and imbued with a beautiful sense of deep belonging 

I’d love to encourage you to come and enjoy being part of a deeper connection to yourself and your life path - even if you don’t think you know what that is. 
Bam will guide you with her beautiful loving care and unlimited wisdom, 
I know I will continue to do so.

Jamie R

Bam is out of this world...literally! Her influence in the healing and meditation that shes given me has been exactly the spiritual guidance I needed to become who I am today. Highly, highly recommended🙌

"I was born and grew up in a small town in Ukraine. At the age of 16 I started my independent life in  a city by the sea and after 10 years I left everything behind to start from scratch in the UK.
Throughout my life, I always felt attracted to spiritual and creative practices: Feng shui, Chinese stretching and tea ceremonies, painting and dancing.
I am very grateful to have met Bam who taught me a life changing technique of meditation.
Come, join us on this beautiful journey of reunion with your higher self, and achieve lasing physical, mental and emotional benefit.
I’ll be delighted to teach you a practical skill of developing powerful energy, feeling and vision through breathing and relaxation.


Despite our disagreement, I wanted to send you this video to thank you. I’ve started to learn more about the moon, about spirituality and a bit about myself with that. I still smoke, but I’m slowly stopping it. It doesn’t do me any good anymore. I’ve been listening to Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha, to Ajeet Kaur and meditations áudios to help me relax, so I can finally meditate. I still can’t meditate but I believe I’m slowly getting there. Anyway, Bam, if it wasn’t for you I would’ve never had an interest in Buddha, or Ganesha, I most certainly would not have bought incense and asked for my guidance, abundance, peace and love to celestial creatures I would once call “demons”, as you know I used to when I first met you. I’m not sure I’m doing it right, but I’m doing it from my heart. So really, thank you. I think of you everyday and I’m sure we’ll meet again. 🧚🏻‍♂


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