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Welcome to the launch of our new healing centre, here in Thai massage Windsor, styled in traditional Thai architecture. We are running 5 new classes throughout the day from Wednesday to Sunday. Each class designed to align you spiritually through the use of different disciplines and teachings. Best of all they are entertaining and joyful, join us for single classes or group bookings for a very joyful experience here in the heart of Windsor. 

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February 2020

Thai Yoga Class

Traditional Thai Yoga works by stimulating, opening & balancing the flow of energy through the sen lines to assist the body in its natural tendency toward self healing.

Bam & Justin

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February 2020

Spiritual Healing Class

Spirtitual healing is a path of transformation, a journey that connects the body and mind to free the soul and heal the soul. Through cleansing and creating of new energy.

Bam & Justin

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February 2020

Spiritual Dancing Class

Spiritual dancing is a pure form of spiritual energy that allows connection to a higher consciousness, transcending time, space and reality.

Bam & Justin

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February 2020

Meditation Classes

Opening of 7 Chakras, "The Present Moment Focus Meditation". This brings deeper recognition of the fact that we experience in the stillness of the present moment of the creator.

Bam & Justin

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February 2020

Thai Cookery Class

Our cooking class is a classic culinary foundation and understanding of traditional Thai cooking ingredients, methods and practices. Allowing you to create your own culinary delights. 

Bam & Justin

Spiritual Meditation to teach you how to read the energy lines, to clean the negative energy (bad air) and to learn how to breath through the secret air. To enable peacefulness from within your subconscious mind. 


Hi my name is Bam, I am from the future 2029. I'm here to move humanity to the Planet X. My job is to help humans from 3D to 4D to 5D. To change the human 3D subconscious memory box to the fifth dimension. Here we are in 2020, looking since the year 2000 the planet has adopted wifi, 3G, 4G & now 5G, because of this

the human subconscious is being blocked from on a progressively worsening scale. The human subconscious is being blocked from the magnetic field of our solar system, and humans are struggling to think outside the box. 

The great news is humans have already double DNA but most of us aren't aware of this yet, some are awakened and others are still sleeping. 

I am here to teach humanity to learn how to breath the secret peaceful air, and to teach how to put the new positive programming in to the 5D subconscious memory box. 

We are now living in the titanium magnetic year, if you feel or see something weird or strange around you, I confirm you are not crazy - you are awakening and trust yourself it is true. 

11 11 The Pluto door has opened from underworld, our world, above world called 3D, 4D, 5D, In order to move our soul to the 5th dimension the higher self. 

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