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October 2019 at 2:30am in the morning I did a meditation and saw in my third Eye that something looks like Satellite as big as Eiffel Tower sending Vibrations to our planet, it kept sending for a while then stopped for 5 seconds. I thought it was finished, but it wasn’t so,  it continues sending faster and stronger then the Earth was explosion on one place I think USA. Then after that exploded the whole Earth then after that everything went dark very dark. Then the lady with a big Mouth swollen the planet Earth 🌍 I was so shocked! 
This July we will be relaxed for a week or two but,
Please prepare for from October and November I don’t think it is a great news.

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December 8th 2020

Shock after shock, the 2nd wave will finish after Christmas and may stop In 2nd week of January, we will be relaxed for another 2-3 months but from April prepare for another shock, explosion of transformation, between 3D & 5D. 

When you feel hot flush at night and keep seeing 1111 or other treble number please pay attention your angel is contacting you. 

From June-July we will stay in the dark silence for a while, the Mother Earth will swallow the 3D planet in the spiritual dimension. 

Meditate and clear out everything internally that no longer benefits you, so you can move forward to the 5th dimension, which is already here with you on earth. 

Feel peace inside your body, and stay within this vibration. Feel your way through this with your inner intuition. 


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Learn To Breath From Your Epigastric Point

Breath in & hold onto your breath & slowly breath out while feeling the epigastric point opening.

Keep doing it until you feel the cold air under your nose, then breath in the cold air slowly and deeply while you continue opening the epigastric point, with no limits...don't think and don't control just feel the sensation of peace while you breath in and out.

After April the Third shock of Soul divide, transition between 3D & 5D, this 3rd wave they will take 50.1% of darkness in human. So 50% of the new cell will grow continually up to 100%. To transform 100% to manifesting 5D ascension, then you will be able to rise up in high frequency vibration. 

From 2nd wave where we are now, they have taken 75.1% of darkness in the human, so 25% of the new cell will continue to grow. 

From the 1st Wave they have taken 100% of the darkness in human, so 0.01% in human started to grow.


The Life Transformation journey from 3D to 5th Dimension. 

Unlocking spiritual system remote classes per class -

0. Unlock Spiritual Systems

1. Feeling

2. Energy Cleansing

3. Open 7 Chakras

4. Open 12 Chakras

5. Commence to the Universe

6. Travel to different Dimensions

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Thai Massage Windsor & B Healing Centre

Aromatherapy Massage

  1. Deep relaxation

  2. Remove toxins from the body

  3. ​Relieve stress

  4. Relieve postoperative pain

  5. Reduced anxiety

  6. Manage low back pain

  7. Help fibromyalgia pain

  8. Reduce muscle tension

  9. Enhance exercise performance

  10. Relieve tension headaches

  11. Sleep better

  12. Ease symptoms of depression

  13. Improve cardiovascular health

  14. Reduce pain of osteoarthritis

  15. Decrease stress in cancer patients

  16. Improve balance in older adults

  17. Decrease rheumatoid arthritis pain

  18. Temper effects of dementia

  19. Promote relaxation

  20. Lower blood pressure

  21. Decrease symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome

  22. Help chronic neck pain

  23. Lower joint replacement pain

  24. Increase range of motion

  25. Decrease migraine frequency

  26. Improve quality of life in hospice care

  27. Reduce chemotherapy-related nausea

27 Benefits of Thai Massage -


The Breath Of Life

Secret Air - Wake up time, learn to breathe from your Epigastric point. The truth is humans have double DNA now, the old cells need to be released, including the 3rd dimension subconscious mind through the correct meditation practice. 

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